Sunday, September 9, 2007

Being Impulsively Impulsive

Well no particular reason for the second order sentence i was just being impulsive.... :P Well i'm not exactly one of those lets-just-do-it-what-difference-does-it-makes types on the contrary actually....I'm the kind of guy who would rather delay making a decision that i am uncomfortable with to such an extent that situation will eventually make it for bunking a lecture..take such a pathetically long time for deciding that finally ur so late that no
self-respecting teacher would allow me to sit that was close...:D..yess i know its a bad quality, a very bad one in fact so the solution ... lets be Impulsive people....:D :D

Sometimes time doesn't give you a choice it constraints you,forces you,compels you ,you just can't run, you have to put your act together and do something ;this is not "impulsive" in a true sense.If u don't hurry u might just screw up everything there ..what happened to making a choice to be reckless,nope not here....So its when the situation doesn't necessarily demand and still u do it..thats the case im talking about...

Sometimes the mind sort of 'conditions' u to just go ahead and do it..Psychologically it might be the feeling that 'i've never been impulsive lets be one now'.tats just an attempt for self-redemption of some sort i guess might even be an ego boost or just a way to prove something.The main problem here is that when we r making the actual decision we'r not so concerned or bothered about the outcome ,we are only focussed around making a decision and even if we are serious about what would happen take solace in convincing ourselves hey it was impulsive u know..So its almost like we create a sort of cushioning to protect ourselves....... ..psychologically..

In a sense its paradoxial at its can u be objectively,cool-headedly,thinking-it-over decide to be impulsive?I mean you are aware that there are plenty of chances that ur decision might just be completely disastrous that you might have to actually start agreeing a bit with ur friends about their view that 'this dude's completely off the rocker..',its the fact that you take into account all the consequences and everything and yet the actual decision making process must be impulsive..yess the consequences do form a major part of any decision making process
but u r not gonna think about WHAT the consequences are going to be as such, what you do is just tell urself that things may well be messed up later...i think when u do that u r not afraid to be impulsive or feel compulsive to be impulsive or feel a need to conveince urself that its OK to go wrong , u already know that thank you ... :-P

I think thats the point i wanted to make, being impulsive just for the sake of being one,not because time demands,not because others think ,not because u feel u should be at least by now, because in these cases u don't have a choice....and so u sulk,u complain(at least i definitely do.. :P)..and i know whats-the-use-of-doing-this-crap type of people might just find it stupid but i found it quite funny,entertaining and to some extend satisfying...

We were on Tekdi. About a couple of minutes after we reached 'Khaan'(20 minutes of walking....this definitely exceeds expectations epsecially on a Sunday :P) a friend said...'hey look over there thats ****'(i am not writing her name because our focus of attention changes every other day so whats the point) and the two of us just went back...not sitting a bit to enjoy the beautiful sunset and stupid enough to turn our back on the refreshing 'non-AC' wind ,just hurrying back as fast as we could only to later realise that we had of course missed her... :(
.. well even if we had caught up with her , we wouldn't have done nething but spare an occasional glance out of the corner of the eyes anyway .. but still.. ..So now we had no other option but to wait in the stuffy place near ARAI road for 30 minutes untill our friends come back( they weren't going to take pity on us and come back asap neways ) so in a nutshell it turned out to be a fiasco...And as we sat there laughing our way through those 30 minutes i realised that never once did i get a thought like 'maybe i shouldn't have done it'... Perhaps making the wrong decision for once didn't bothered me much..of course this is so much a trivial matter but even if i manage to extend at least 5% of that feeling in any important decisions that go wrong and theres a good chance that they do :P

..well here's to hope that i will.. :D:D...