Saturday, August 18, 2007

Chakachak Chak De!

Finally after Swades a movie of SRK that i can admit openly i liked, without being laughed at or looked upon as a sentimentalist. The king Khan's still got a long way to go it expected

Entwining a tale about nationalism with a narrative focussed around the neglected state of the Indian women's Hockey team.Yes its old wine in a new bottle but definitely a better one. The tale about the stereotypical indifference,the discrimination,the so well-known gender bias is for the first time brought to the center stage with just the right amount of glamor.And SRK's definitely done a good job not only acting wise but even the "in-character" persona achieved is convincing.For one thing he doesn't shy away from those white hair from that beard of his...surely a wise decision ..

The identity ,culture issues are tackled reasonably well without any excessive SRK factor.And convincingly its the small things which matter and the movie definitely takes those into after a hard session of practice the team must surely retire in a dingy bathroom,its only when the extraordinary happens that sponsors drop in to ride on their success,the awe that indian players feel after watching the australian babes (yeah.. :P) working out in a high-tech gym and even the fact that they won't stop bickering with the auto-wala even after winning the cup.. :P

At least what i think is one thing that Chak De might have done without are the constant jibes at cricket.The film blames cricket for the dire state of Hockey here.It might just be me but i got the feeling that the snobbish Indian vice-captain portrayed in the film was there to universalize this role for cricketers.

Thats what i felt.Chak De is unsuccessful in understanding why cricket has taken a surge over Hockey.And i agree with The Times of India ,the answer lies in the film itself - the timing of the growth of the sensationalist media especially around 1983 triumph.

All in all a good film. And yeah i was saving this for last.....Preeti Sabarwal a.k.a. Sagarika Ghatge(marathi ,sahi na!!) rox!!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

One more Judgement Day down..(phew)

well the result's finally out..and yesss 75% of engg is more year of this and i'll b a graduate!!!an god's gracious gift (by god i also mean the university and others of course) this time i managed to become a UT yuppee ....congrats to ME!! ..seeing as this result hardly counts now that placments r over and barely 50% of the students actually turned up to collect the result at the prescribed hour...congratulating myself seemed a fair thing to do..neway im not one of those types who change their orkut names to "Topper" or something(no
offence meant here .. :P) i understood one thing yesterday its always a great deal of help to step back and look at yourself from your own point of view....

i dont mean the big introspection stuff here...come on, i dont think i can ever b completely unbiased when it comes to judging myself seeing as i can't even manage 2 b one about appraising the football club i support ... no i just meant LOOKING at view where I stand...i mean come on two decades of life is over...and the ideas or the dreams i had are still hardly anything more than ideas and dreams only....

as it turns out there are many things to blame this on(excluding me of course.. :P)...i choose emmm...dunno all the things are so interconnected and follow one after the other that you'll just end up blaming everything on everything :P ...and the problem is for those hypocrites like me (:P) who are just gifted to find faults ....never seem to come up with a solution...while some say there is none..others claim that realising the problem itself is a step towards solution
(savvy eh?)

i feel the hitch is with the fact that 'the compulsive nature of our lives to continuing to
prove ourselves..constantly, relentlessly' it starts what like when u r 5 yrs of age i guess.the parents will have to give the interview first..this is complete bullshit at least in my opinion(screw the child psychologists)..then the 1st standard exam suddenly starts appearing like a great threat to our identity and worthy of giving up the playtime its nobody's fault actually ...the peer pressure just climbs up recursively with infinite system stack space(well i gotta show i study somewhere right..:P)and this is with the external factors excluding

why is it that every exam and result day feels like friday the 13th and we no longer fear the actual one(:P come on wht could b worse than this huh?)i guess its wont change now...will go on becoming worse more likely...and no matter how much i brag about the evil nature of exams and stuff i must admit i am a firm follower of those...i do fear a little every exam,every prac an every oral an every class test(although these are bygones since engg stated)

so here's the crux of the post - whether the result's good or bad just look at the big picture...bcuz at least for me this is the only time when i do .. :P

and just like everything else regarding THIS matter ,even the post is turned out to be messy!! (exactly my point ,see...<:-) )