Monday, April 25, 2016

Book Review: 'The Gunslinger - The Dark Tower #1' by Stephen King

Dreamy, weird & insanely surreal - "The Gunslinger" - the first book in the Dark Tower series - is not an easy pill to swallow. This is one part fantasy, one part wild wild west, one part horror and if that is not enough - one part science fiction as well!

Don't get me wrong, I am sufficiently hooked on now that I will read the next book in the series. And judging by the overall tone of the other reviews online, it seems like the series is supposed to get better - but reading the Gunslinger sometimes becomes downright confusing & even frustrating to be honest.

I am usually a big fan of hidden symbolism & a plot that purposefully keeps details fuzzy - I thrive on the stories where theorizing, scrutinizing for clues, hints & general obsessing over the details is encouraged. However there should be enough breadcrumbs spread out - to at least keep the reader involved. Too many unanswered questions & a total lack of definitive plot details would just sway the reader in a wrong direction.

Luckily though, the last quarter of the book picks up pretty good & by the time the story finishes, quite a few interesting riddles have been setup. I think I should just look at this whole book as a prologue per-say. If you persist & do finish the book then I guarantee that you would be more than involved and highly intrigued by the world created by Stephen King & you definitely want to know more.

In summary, 3/5 if you enjoy fantasy with a dash of science fiction. 

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