Monday, September 26, 2016

Book Review: 'The Waste Lands - The Dark Tower #3' by Stephen King

The third book in The Dark Tower series, 'The Waste Lands' is no doubt enjoyable with a few spectacularly well crafted story moments, but it is also not without its share of over-the-top plot points with a borderline annoying level of surrealism. 

What has fascinated me about this series is how well it mixes elements of fantasy, horror, science fiction and pure action in a concoction that actually works. The Waste Lands has no shortage of moments where these four different aspects of the story get showcased. The story arc is decently paced and fairly gripping. New and exciting characters are introduced, not to mention a few past characters do also make an appearance. And even though it does drag a bit in the latter half, the conclusion, in typical Stephen King style, is executed very well. 

Overall, I would say 4/5. Miles better than Part 1, but not quite there if compared to Part 2.

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